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Elaine shares some of her wisdom in her blog, where she talks about great ways to relieve stress and increase your joy.

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Elaine Scribner, R.N., M.P.H., is the founder and CEO of CartWheels, Inc., specializes in Worksite Wellness/Stress Management.  She has authored the book Stride Like a Lion, Soar Like and Eagle and CartWheels, a game implementing play, laughter and creativity with special populations.  As a college professor, hospice, and public health nurse, she brings joy and playfulness to the teaching/learning/spiritual arena.

Elaine is devoted to the cultivation of tools to create a joyful life.

It is possible to nurture your own slice of heaven, right here, right now, regardless of your health or financial status.  Joy is, after all, a state of mind.

Towards this end, Elaine does inspirational presentations, workshops and seminars, choosing from a variety of modalities, among which are: laughter, play, juggling (yes, you too can learn to juggle), meditation, journaling and dialoging.

Take your work seriously but yourself lightly.” — C.W. Metcalf