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“Life is too important to take seriously” Oscar Wilde

Stride Like a Lion, Soar Like an Eagle

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Have you ever seen that bumper sticker that says, “Life is a test. It is only a test. If this had been your actual life, you would have been given better instructions”?

Well, here it is…that instruction book you’ve long been waiting for!  I grew up with the grim Scots-English philosophy on happiness:  “Life is tough and then you die.”  And when I became engaged, my mother added this:  “Just make sure it’s not lust.”

When my daughter became engaged, all I could think was:

  1. There had to be more than that that I could tell her.
  2. And then…would she remember all that I did teach her?
  3. And more importantly, did she get it right the first time?

There has to be something better that we can tell those who are striving for happiness.  The Dalai Lama has observed that, for all our advances in science and technology, “basic human problems remain.  We have not succeeded in bringing about peace or in reducing overall suffering.”

This book is a compendium of strategies, resources and time-honored wisdom about the pursuit of happiness.  Whether this is your 19th life change or your first venture into the world, there is something in here for you.

The exercises and decision trees will help you hear and trust your own wisdom, find balance, be resilient in times of economic and emotional upheaval, and be happy and joyful.   When LIFE happens, it is possible to remain happy and whole and to think clearly.

CartWheels The Game

CartWheels Silly Stories are creative, improvisational, Non-competitive, theraputic and FUN!

Ideal for any gathering: Family, Friends, Schools, Camps, Theatre Groups, Assisted Living & Special Needs Populations

CartWheels Letter of Endorsement

“CartWheels The Game generates creativity through interactive conversation and play. It fosters word retreival and thought organization, it works on short term memory through remembering the scene, situation, and previous parts of the story constructed. The tactile stimulation of the beach ball is a reminder of whose turn it is as well as sensory input assisting with cognitive stimulation. CartWheels is appropriate for a multiple of ages, cognitive abilities and small to large groups. I completely endorse this game to enhance socilization, cognitive stimulation, thought organization and word retrieval.” says Linda C. Wells, MA, CC-SLP, Speech Therapist for Mary Freebed Hospital, Grand Rapids, Michigan