Wellness Programs

A Note from Elaine: I would love to design a program with you that meets your needs, whether it is a seminar, workshop, retreat-style, or a series of lunch & learns.

Let’s design a program where you can laugh, play and sing, while relaxing, recharging and mastering the essential relaxation skills needed to navigate this 24-7 society gracefully.

Popular Programs & Workshops

Girls Night Out

This is an opportunity to nurture your mind, body, spirit and emotions. Come relax and rejuvenate while exploring coping and relaxation strategies both old and new. Some of the explorations you can choose from are: Meditation, Journaling, Labyrinth, Stress-Free Diet, Humor Therapy, Pain Free Management Techniques, Tai Chi, Music Therapy, Compassion & Forgiveness.

Living Pain Free!!!

It can be done!!!  Learn these life-enhancing techniques and strategies and live PAIN FREE!!!  Come away with a personal plan that you can implement today.

Stride Like a Lion, Soar Like an Eagle

Come and fill your prescription for joy, resilience and empowerment in this program that is a blend of theory, research and tools for living.

If Life’s a Beach, Let’s Dive in!!!!

An off-beat, fun approach to the latest research on how health-full laughter is and how to inject doses of humor and laughter into your life.

Life’s Little Tool Box

Learn the ABC’s as you were never taught in kindergarten! C is for Connection, for no man is an island. J is for JUGGLING! This is a totally hands-on program, chock-full of tools for a joy-full life.

Coming to our Senses

Expanding our Sense of Self | Evoking our Sense of Passion | Embracing our Sense of the Divine
Three full-day workshops, that can stand alone or as a unit. Experience & explore your own deep inner wisdom, your capacity to be present, your innate creativity, your ability to relax and renew.

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